Offering you tailormade accounting and Tax and BPM solutions, we are here to free you from the burden of managing business processes, accounting and financials of your business so you and your team can focus more on the strategic growth of your business. 

We are an experienced accounting and Tax firm in UAE who helps you save the hassle of hiring, training, maintaining and managing your accounting and BPM teams. We are happy to take care of all your business functions on your behalf saving you a significant amount of time and hassle.

Taking care of your accounting compliance, payroll processing, tax to CFO services we deliver you a fully-fledged accounting and financial solution. With our experience in BPM, we are here to help you plan and build strategies that can save you money and find ways to be more efficient while offering our expertise to leverage market opportunities and predictions for the growth of the business.

Crevaty stands out among other accounting and Tax firms in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for our modern technology infrastructure which is reliable, consistent, secure and flexible to the needs of our clients. Providing you with full BPM service we enable companies to substantially reduce costs and to improve margins and conserve cash.

Once you outsource your accounting and BPM to Crevaty, our promise to you is simple; We help your business become more scalable, ramp more efficiently, and get to market faster.

Aiming to deliver you not just a service but a functional and practical solution for your problems at Crevaty, our flexible approach, dedication to quality, and our experienced team makes outsourcing convenient and predictable. We are your trusted accounting and finance firm in UAE who you can consider not as an outsourcing service but a part of your own team.

Our BPM solutions will help you:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve performance delivery
  • Increase productivity
  • Comply with laws and regulations

We combine our rich experience, proven delivery model, industry-leading tools and technologies to deliver customer satisfaction with our BPM services.

  • Back Office Services for Accounting Firms (BOA)
  • Accounting Compliance Services (ACS)
  • Data Processing Services (DPS)
  • Payroll Processing Services (PPS)
  • Tax Advisory Services (TAS)
  • Secondment and Support Services (SSS)
  • CFO Services
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • As an expert outsource accounting service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi who are committed to bringing excellence, Crevaty and its dedicated ACS professionals are at your hand to support management teams, allowing our clients to focus on their company’s daily operations. Through the ACS team, we also assist with business process management & accounting delivering you a comprehensive accounting consultancy service in UAE.

    Accounts payable

    • Collect all vendor invoices, based on the terms agreed with your business partners.
    • Verify vendor invoices with Purchase orders/contracts/agreements, and check arithmetical accuracy of those invoices.
    •  Provide accounting service for supplier invoices and prepare and check payment vouchers for invoice payment.
    •  Verify and process employee travel and expenses claims and deal with any vendor queries.

    Accounts receivable

    • Prepare invoice for customers.
    • Provide accounting services for customer invoices and payee funds.
    • Maintain debtors reconciliation information.

    Fixed assets management

    • Check for capital assets requests and fixed assets purchase authorization.
    • Capitalise assets according to company’s policy.
    • Check for any additional costs incurred when using an asset.
    • Check the installation date
    • Provide computing depreciation services as per the company’s depreciation policy.
    • Assist with physical observational count and update the fixed assets register.

    Maintain accounting records

    • Provide online accounting software.
    • Provide storage to handle accounting source documents.
    • Maintain general ledger according to the company’s chart of accounts.
    • Reconcile vendor and customer accounts.
    • Monitor travel advances and expense claims.
    • Provide variance analysis.
    • Prepare bank reconciliation statements.
    • Prepare balance sheet and P & L schedules.
    • Help internal and external auditors to perform their duties.