We welcome Mr Imalka Chandrasiri to our Crevaty Dubai office.

We welcome Mr Imalka Chandrasiri to our Crevaty Dubai office. He was with us for last two years in Sri Lanka office and performed well during his period in Sri Lanka. Imalka is from Rajanganya (out of Colombo) and shown his interest in education successfully completing advance level examination with 3As in commerce stream and entered in to the Wayabe University of Sri Lanka to follow degree B.Sc. Special in Accountancy and Business Finance. Once he completed his higher education from university, he started accountancy studies from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (ICASL) and currently he is in the process of completing his professional education. He is also following Certificate of Management Accounts (CMA) of Sri Lanka.

Imalka is proving his capabilities to manage client’s requirement and demand. Dubai will be new experience for him and he like to learn and explore new opportunities. Mr Imalka needs to deal with clients directly and client interaction is the key. He also needs to attend client demands on day to day basis. He will share new experience and knowledge with Sri Lanka team for better services. We, Crevaty is on the view that on the job training is more powerful.

He needs to help Dubai team to meet clients on regular basis and provide explanation to clients on various assignments. This will improve his soft skills and he will be able to manage client portfolio independently.

We wish him good luck for the new challenges.