Manufacturing and distribution companies are significantly changing how they do business in today’s dynamic economy, from streamlining inventory management to transforming entire processes. Increasing efficiency, shortening cycles, and keeping up with new technologies are quickly becoming minimum requirements for companies seeking to remain competitive.

Crevaty has the resources and expertise to assist you in addressing the unique challenges that impact your profitability, such as rising costs, shrinking margins, and a rapidly changing economic landscape. Our professionals have years of experience working with manufacturers and distributors, and we are fully aware of the trends you are dealing with. Above all, our professionals can assist you in lowering your tax burden and identifying opportunities to fully utilize your resources and strengthen your business.

Our trusted advisors provide customized solutions to help you simplify your life and build on your success. We offer audit, assurance, and tax services, as well as advice on hedge accounting, cyber security, mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, technology solutions, international taxation, and succession planning. Furthermore, our big data and analytics benchmarking services provide useful information to assist businesses in controlling costs and improving performance.