Why Crevaty

To achieve a state of success amidst the current dynamics the markets have seen, businesses must continuously evolve. Failure to do so has created many case studies of organizations burdened by unmanageable cost structures, deteriorating top and bottom lines, a demotivated workforce, unsatisfied customers, and regulatory sanctions to name a few.

Crevaty Tax Consultancy is the UAE arm of Crevaty International, a Business Process Management (BPM) solutions provider. We offer multidisciplinary solutions across organizations to optimize business performance and risk management.

We at Crevaty define Business Process Management as “a discipline that improves enterprise performance by driving operational excellence and business agility”. Think of a business as an engine and BPM as a tool to fine-tune every component of that engine in order to achieve maximum performance.


What does Crevaty do as a BPM?

Within every organization, there are common business processes designed to meet objectives. However, for any number of reasons, some processes may be slow, inefficient, unreliable, duplicative and redundant. A BPM like Crevaty, puts all of these processes under fresh scrutiny, using models, metrics and analysis to make evaluations, and identify needed improvements that will produce better performance. When implementing new processes, businesses can use BPM to make sure those processes integrate smoothly and perform properly.

Crevaty Regional Partners

Sujeewa Appuhamy - ACA

Jude Shantha - FCA

Dr. Nirmal De Silva

Sudath Perera - Attorney at Law

Crevaty Management Team


Kapila Karunarathne

Chandima Geethanjali

Mohammad Rabie


Sameera Hewapathirana


Charith  Fernando

Isuri Wijayarathna

Imalka Chandrasiri

About Crevaty

Crevaty Tax Consultancy is a professional consultancy firm domiciled in the United Arab Emirates. The company is managed by its board of directors. The board members are qualified professionals including Chartered Accountants and experts in the Finance & Accounting Fields. All of them have worked at managerial positions in big four audit firms and possess extensive post qualifying experience, some in the audit and assurance industry itself and some at commercial industries.

We employ professionals to take care of your company’s affairs assigned to us, thereby we ensure due care on your work. Our staff is well trained to Respect Company Policies, they are organized, punctual, dependable and they are at your work. They would be an Ace at their Job with intellectual honesty and effective communication skills to successfully serve your needs.

Technologies such as cloud computing, business analytics software, social media platforms and process automation software are being used within BPMS to enable businesses to lower costs and be more effective. We at Crevaty use most of these new technologies for servicing you and we offer complete cloud based accounting solutions which gives you access to all your data & information on the go, anywhere in the Globe on any connectable device.

We make sure our competencies benefit you in numerous ways that can be widely leveraged by you in many of your business processes, they will deliver tangible benefits to your business and to your customers thereby helping you grow to greater heights. The Teamwork & Responsibility, along with good Commercial awareness of the team members will ensure that they focus in right areas of work. Our leadership skills, decision making ability & effective communication skills would give you the edge in this ever changing competitive environment to be in the forefront of the game.

We are keen in assisting companies with our expertise in taxation, bookkeeping and back office services. However, we are also experts in providing many other services connected to finance & accounting, payroll management, document management, etc. We have separate packages that suits Super Small business, Small business, Medium Businesses. Therefore, we consider it is our strength that we are able to cater to a specific market than most of the other players offering similar services.

We have identified the importance of building true partnerships with the business partners for a real synergistic result on our work which is also seen as the future of BPM industry as a whole. We are already focusing on experience metrics such as customer satisfaction over the conventional efficiency metrics like average handle time. The adoption of cloud services will continue as the technology becomes more mainstream, mature and cost effective.

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