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  • Crevaty FZC is a privately owned professional firm domiciled in the UAE. The company is managed by its board of directors. The board consists of four directors who are qualified chartered accountants and experts in the Finance & Accounting Fields. All of them have worked at managerial positions in big four audit firms and possess extensive post qualifying experience some in the audit and assurance industry itself and some at commercial industries. The relationship management and personnel client interaction takes place from the RM office in Dubai while the operational matters are handled in the Operations Centre in Sri Lanka.


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  • Sri Lanka is well-known for combining world class standards & work practices with South Asian affordability. Sri Lanka is the 14th best country in the world to outsource to, according to AT Kerney’s Global Services Location Index (GLSI) 2016. This ranking considers factors such as financial attractiveness, the size and skill of the labour force and the local business environment. Over the past decade, Sri Lanka has seen tremendous growth as a BPO destination, moving up 15 GLSI rankings between 2007 and 2016, from its original ranking of 29.

    Business processes is the heart of your business which many do not take interest in dressing up or making up like an outlook of a person, however, if the heart doesn’t function nothing else can be alive.

    Efficient and effective BPMs help the organization through setting up and operating of effective and efficient internal controls that prevent and or detect issues of concern that needs management’s attention. Thereby they help the organization to run as it is intended by its shareholders and in turn helps them concentrate on their business more and more.

    Unlike in the past where accounting and finance functions used to play a secondary role in organizations as a reporting function, it has now emerged to be the driving force behind a sustainable business model. Current finance functions have extended their scope from managing external uncertainties to improving organizational suppleness, it will play an extensive and strategic role. The duty is, therefore, on the CFOs to prepare their finance functions for an orderly future.

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