Focus more on business development and greater profitability while we take care of your accounting functions. Offering end-to-end back-office accounting services for accounting firms in U.A.E., the Middle East and the UK we let you have more time to devote to your core business functions.

Cravety works with well qualified and experienced accountants in Sri Lanka, ensuring you high quality and affordable offshore accounting outsourcing services. Our team will make sure your accounting services are top-notch and efficient; most importantly 100% hassle-free. From accounting, booking to reporting we have the experience and the expertise to handle any client of any industry and of any size.

What makes us different from other accounting back office outsourcing services U.A.E. is that we take what we do seriously and take full responsibility for our actions. We strive for perfection in everything we do enabling our clients to enjoy a smooth and seamless service experience. 

Once you outsource back-office services of your accounting firm to us, you get a special team of accountants for your company who will manage all your back office tasks effectively from Sri Lanka. 

All our accountants are well aware of digital accounting, thus will assure you a prompt and efficient service no matter which time zone you are in. Accessing our client’s servers via the internet we ensure you a full online accounting solution, thus making sure that the distance is never a problem to deliver our service. 

Whether you are an accounting firm that is just starting out or looking at ways to cut down operational costs our offshore back office accounting outsourcing services will help you reach your business goals.

We will be your trusted remote team of accountants who you can rely on for a high-quality service for your clients and their privacy and confidentiality.

Let us take over your back office services so you can focus more on serving your clients. Save money, expand fast and improve your productivity partnering up with the right offshore accounting sourcing service.

Why hire us?

  • Top-notch accounting back-office solutions with cloud computing solutions
  • Experienced team with team management tool
  • Fast and reliable service and your local time zone working environment
  • Affordable price as cost effective location – Sri Lanka
  • Effective communication