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Business Trends to Focus on 2021

The business world has experienced incremental changes for several years, but the pandemic forced an irrevocable shift to happen in mere months.

The business world is never going back to how it was. The only option for continued success in business is to mature. 2021 will usher in even greater changes as entrepreneurs continue to adapt. Here are five emerging business trends for the coming year.

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How a Tax Advisor Can Help an Organization to Save Business Money?

Before analyzing the role of a tax advisory firm let us examine who is a tax advisor, and what does the advisory firm do for an organization?

A tax advisory firms is an expertize firm which can make sure that your business runs smoothly with complying all rules and regulations published by the federal tax authority which helps you to secure your business in term of legal compliances and financial performance of the company.

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UAE restaurant outsourcing service Crevaty

Outsource Your Weaknesses To Scale Business With Your Strengths

When you are in the restaurant business, it’s because you’re a great restaurateur. Restaurant and food industry is a game of capability where they have to deliver the consistency and quality that customers expect. It is imperative that restaurant owners boost the performance of their operations by reducing expenses and improving price margins. Restaurateurs must devote their time to working on issues impacting the restaurant, not on back-office tasks like accounting and finance.

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Time Is Money

If you are a seasoned entrepreneur, by now you may understand that time is money. Time can be converted into money easily. So, the more time you have, the more money you can make. However, time is a limited source. We only have so much time to get done our work. The clock is ticking fast, so you need to make the most out of your time.

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Technology and SME enterprises

Technology and SME enterprises

The technology of the information age has transformed the way of living so is the life of SME owners. With revolutionary technological solutions available in the market developed especially for SMEs, today, small and medium-size businesses can easily enjoy the benefits of sophisticated technology in their businesses. With this, businesses are able to save money, time and hassle while improving the service quality.

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Crevaty consulting UK

Crevaty expanded its business to The United Kingdom

We are very glad to inform you that Crevaty has been expanded in the United Kingdom under the name of Crevaty Consulting UK LTD and opened the office with effect from 01 July 2020. Our expansion into the United Kingdom will help us to introduce our services to new audiences.

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Your bookkeeper will save your money

How your bookkeeper will save your money?

Looking for new ways to save money in your business for more growth? Have you thought of hiring a bookkeeper for your business? Do you know how much money a good bookkeeper can save you? Although you might feel like the idea of hiring a bookkeeper is quite expensive, hear us out first because we will tell you how you can find affordable bookkeeping service in UAE at the end of the blog post. So let’s start.

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Conditions to claim input VAT in UAE

It is possible to recover all input tax based on invoices? No.

This article we provide an overview of conditions to claim input Tax in UAE. VAT is an indirect tax govern by public (Government) which is imposed on goods and services at each stage. You need to fulfill certain conditions when you recover VAT as input tax.

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Internal Audit – is more than what you think

The severity of the current global economic downturn has left organizations around the world searching for ways to contain costs, improve efficiencies, maintain customer satisfaction levels and protect their balance sheets. This unprecedented economic crisis has been nothing short of an urgent call to action for more robust risk management practices in global organizations of every size and industry.

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