In Real Estate management businesses, there are a lot of moving parts that you need to keep track of. But when you are growing and expanding fast, keeping all these bits and pieces of operations under control can get overwhelming in no time. This will not just reduce the efficiency of your business but also make your operations prone to more errors while hindering your growth. From mortgage applications, background checks, lease management, listing to contract administration and renewals and accounting and tax, you need to find better ways to manage your business processes than doing it all manually.

Lucky for you, at Crevaty we specialize in helping real estate companies find the best business processes and accounting management solutions for their businesses – So they could reach their business goals fast with peace of mind. We are expert business process management and accounting professionals in UAE who can help your real estate business achieve your business
goals while helping you secure more profits.

Jointly Owned Properties

Crevaty is a leading service provider for Jointly Owned Property consultation for many owners association management companies in UAE. It includes assisting with Bookkeeping, Tax consultancy, Special audits, and budget reviews. The team is fully equipped with RERA and Tax laws to help clients over the period.

Real Estate Management

We can assist you in many ways to manage your property business. Most importantly, updated technology will bring the needed change with the lowest investment. This will create a hassle-free environment that the rest Crevaty team can manage. We Crevaty can assist your Real Estate business to implement applications and software + Xero, you are free from many administration functions including tax and bookkeeping.


The UAE construction industry is the key to the economy. It has world-class constructions within a short period and delivery is the key component. We have built our team with industry experience to assist your construction business. Controlling the projects with the timeline is highly dependent on your project’s success. We have experience working with investors to assist them to monitor the project’s results and reporting in many ways to achieve expected returns. We also helped clients to comply with Real Estate VAT issues since Jan 2018 and VAT refunds.