Crevaty stand for creating value for society. CSR is one of our key pillars on which the organization has been raised. Hence, Crevaty considers CSR as an ingrained aspect of the organization and therefore strives to develop a sustainable existence for all stakeholder categories of the society through our CSR initiatives.

The CSR initiatives of the company go beyond the natural obligations which govern our activities in the ordinary course of business and aspire to attain the ultimate objective of the CSR by being sensitive to societal needs.

With proven expertise and professionalism we mainly focus CSR efforts towards economic development, growth of the individual and society at large. We dedicate a fixed percentage of our revenue to our social corporate responsibility programs in Sri Lanka.

Aniya Kanda General Hospital Project

Underlining this reality of human life, which treats every human being equally, Crevaty BPMS Pvt Ltd recently completed the first project with the health authorities of Sri Lanka, thereby marking milestone in the company’s CSR history. It was the handing over of the renovated Physiotherapy unit of the Aniya Kanda General Hospital at Kandana.

Through these kinds of generous projects, we can contribute to the society as responsible citizens. We are a company that always respects the values, culture and ethics of our country when we do our business in Sri Lanka with consumer products. So we strongly believe it is our utmost responsibility to give something back to the Sri Lankan community.

Most importantly Crevaty is not the only one who contributed to this project, each and every client who works with us has been contributed dearly by doing business with us. We are thankful for our client’s contribution and our success story remains incomplete without the support of our clients.

Crevaty CSR
Crevaty CSR
Crevaty CSR

Commenting on the CSR initiative of Crevaty BPMS Pvt Ltd, Aniya Kanda general hospital Director General Dr. Dhammika Pathirana said, “This is another remarkable and important day in our hospital’s history. We appreciate very much and take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude towards Crevaty BPMS’s management and staff for their genuine consideration towards our humble request to renovate this Physiotherapy unit and working towards it with their maximum support and finally handing over to our hospital. This CSR project sets an example to other corporate sector companies as well, and I request them to come forward to do this sort of sound activities for the nation.”

As our Sri Lankan office completed their first CSR project, we wish to do more and give back to the societies in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait where our other offices operates.

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