Financial accounting plays a vital role in business today because it helps you be in control of your business. The main concern is the compliance requirements from regulatory authorities including the Federal Tax Authority in the UAE. As a trusted service provider, Crevaty will put it as a priority apart from all other requirements.  Further, it provides both quantitative and qualitative information which can be used in making business decisions for investors, management, government, and other stakeholders.

I am Imalka Chandrasiri, leader for financial accounting outsourcing services in UAE. I gained experience over the years with my clientele mainly in the Emirates of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah by providing value-added services.  Let me bring you the main advantages you can avail with an appropriate service provider for your business’s financial accounting needs in the United Arab Emirates.

“Financial Accounting is a key element of any entity that needs to be handled through quality Human Resources which we at Crevaty, are committed to delivering.” – Imalka Chandrasiri.

Imalka Crevaty

Benefits of financial and accounting outsource services

  • Compliance – In the recent past there are significant changes to compliance placed in the UAE which needs expert support to be in control to avoid non-compliance. Since non-compliance will result in financial penalties and reputation loss in the market every business must put priorities for the compliances. VAT (Value Added Tax), AML (Anti Money Laundering), UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) declaration was added as a part of local and international compliances. Hence businesses that operate traditional ways are no longer sufficient to follow the new rules and regulations. Seeking help from a reputed consultant will save money and the reputation of your business.
  • Profitability – With the right outsourcing solution you can improve the company profitability significantly by minimizing existing or future costs. We have successfully introduced two models to support business. We guarantee 50% cost savings with our solutions.

Full Service – We undertake a full accounting finance function leaving you to concentrate on core business activities. Our team on-site and off-site will manage your entire function with a fraction of cost and provide you full service taking the responsibility of initiating to reporting of transactions. We evaluate your existing systems and bring our solution to your existing systems. On behalf of you, we perform entire financial accounting department functions as stated below,

  1. Recommending software solutions
  2. HR Function
  3. Payroll processing
  4. Inventory management records
  5. Fixed assets records
  6. Bank transactions initiating, recording and reconciliations
  7. Petty cash management
  8. Sales invoices created and sent to clients
  9. Follow up with debtors
  10. Maintain ledger accounts
  11. Monthly management accounts
  12. Coordinating with external auditors
  13. Tax and other regulatory compliance

Hybrid Service – We work with your existing team to manage your business growth. You don’t need to spend money to expand your finance team and other resources to accommodate the growth. Our team will manage your business expansion working with your team.  This model works very well to manage your business transactions and has no significant changes to in-house systems and resources. We bring our team to your organization and work with you to improve the financial accounting functions. There are plenty of advantages of this model as stated below,

  1. No recruitment cost
  2. Visa, Insurance, gratuity, and other costs will be eliminated
  3. No changes to the existing systems
  4. Process control is with the company and adding assistance
  5. Further expansion possible with minimal cost
  • Budgeting and Future projections – Today we are facing more and more changes to the macro environment and predicting the future and staying in control is critical. Up to date historical data, budgeting and forecasting will bring competitive advantages to your business. Crevaty is behind you to support all your hard work.

We provide unique services through innovative solutions that solve your business challenges. Further, our professional finance accounting team in Crevaty is passionate about building relationships with clients, managers, partners, and the community. Hence, your start today will be long-lasting and mutually beneficial. If you would like to learn more, contact us today.

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