When you are in the restaurant business, it’s because you’re a great restaurateur. Restaurant and food industry is a game of capability where they have to deliver the consistency and quality that customers expect. It is imperative that restaurant owners boost the performance of their operations by reducing expenses and improving price margins. Restaurateurs must devote their time to working on issues impacting the restaurant, not on back-office tasks like accounting and finance.

However, when an owner is focusing on back-office tasks like accounting, fund management, inventory control, and payroll processing and tax compliances, every aspect of the restaurant can suffer. In dynamic market, businesses need make sure that availability of strong finance attainable behind its owners. The solution many restaurants have welcomed is to trust in outsourcing functions of finance.

Benefits of outsourcing functions of finance

Save time

Everybody knows that time is money. Restaurant owners not meant to focus on back office tasks daily. It takes off from keeping customers satisfied and keeping a sharp eye on operating the business. Outsourcing restaurant functions of finance helps owners to focus on core business strategy, enhancing customer support and operations, and eventually boosting profits.

Better controls

Even though a lot of restaurant owners and supervisors think that outsourcing results in a lack of control, the reality is that it produces far more control and responsibility. A finance outsourcing company makes use of ideal practices and entails procedures which are tested and recognized. Additionally, they function as an independent third party that can present checks and balances, segregation of responsibilities and manage your finances with virtually no discrepancy of interest.

Reduced costs

In-house finance functioning is expensive. In every aspect of running your restaurant you’re constantly trying to improve your profit margins. With the expertise provided by Crevaty, you’re with a proven provider who can offer you immediate gains to your bottom-line.

Requiring less staff time for internal functions will allow you to save employment costs such as salaries, payroll taxes, benefits, training and recruitment expenses.  Hire employees that will focus on your main business purpose rather than auxiliary services.

By picking and choosing only the types of services you really need from your outsourcing partner, you will be able to eliminate unneeded overhead expenses in those areas.  Businesses need to concentrate on the return of every fills they spend and be ready to deploy resources where they can maximize their leverage quickly.


In order to operate accounting software, proper and costly training is required. It is a wise decision to adopt outsourcing. Restaurant owners can save the outlay of buying expensive software packages and can have access to it.

Crevaty is highly qualified in the cloud-based automation software’s and always provide advice on how to use best accounting software to save time. With the cloud-based accounting your data and records are all safety encrypted and stored on a cloud server and wherever you are, you can always check the real time reports on your business. And your data will accurately and automatically sync between your POS and cloud-based software then you can enjoy the peace of mind with the streamline process in your business.  


Crevaty will keep your books periodically. Without the ongoing distraction of others, mostly unrelated business tasks, we can focus exclusively on financial accounts, ensuring both accurate and timely results. 

Proven expertise 

Outsourcing to a reputable service provider can do better expertise. These professionals stay up to date on all the most pertinent finance details. The assistance of professionals will eliminate the stress that is often connected with government remittances, annual tax returns and the ever-looming possibilities of an audit.

Deeper insights 

Restaurant finance function services maintain the foremost recent technology and extremely trained restaurant accountants, period monetary coverage is provided thus you recognize specifically however your restaurant is doing better. Correct and weekly monetary information is an absolute necessity for fulfilment in today’s restaurant world. 

Eliminate fraud

There is a possibility of frauds undetected as the owner can’t keep his eye always on finance functions. It may lead to loss of profits. Tracking fraudulent activities is a difficult task. By outsourcing finance functions, owners can detect and prevent fraud. 

Businesses will lose considerable percentage of their gross revenues to fraud. In fact, private companies and small business rank highest in occupational fraud frequency at 42% compared to large corporations, government, and non-profits. The biggest contributing factor for the increased risk of fraud in small businesses is a lack of internal controls. Outsourced finance function can help ensure many eyes are reviewing your books which will decrease your chances of experiencing fraud.

Accurate and data analysis

Outsourcing your function of finance to a reliable expert team can make a significant impact on growth. From compliance to regulation updates, virtual finance reporters have the tools and capabilities to better focus on the complexities of everyday financial reporting. They explain and help analyze critical data in your financial statements to help you make better decisions. They can generate high-quality financial statements and accurate reporting is a key aspect of the central management of any business. It allows for financial planning to be an efficient and strategic growth program to be based on accurate real-time data from your organization.

Why choose Crevaty?

Crevaty is to support restaurant finance functions to improve business performance without sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction. Our level of specialization, experience and capability are excelling in restaurant industry. 

Hope you have got a clear idea about how outsourcing accounting services can boost restaurant performance. We are ready to assist you, contact us for a free consultation.

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