Auditing and control can be a daunting task especially when you have no idea how to do it. Yet audits are one of the most important factors for a loss-free business success. Audits are essential to reduce risks and costs and help your company get the best from your budgets.

Our auditing services in U.A.E will help you identify weaknesses in controls providing you with seamless solutions to strengthen your clients’ confidence in your organization’s processes.

Whether you have audit programs in place or have no idea where to start your auditing process, we have the solution just for you.

Internal audit Program

Assisting you to develop audit processes to meet the clients’ and regulatory demands our internal auditing services in U.A.E. will help you design, implement and manage your internal audits.

Our auditing experts will help you identify which control points you need to audit and design audit programs just for your business. We’ll implement newly designed or existing audit programs effectively providing you with prompt and accurate audit results with comprehensive audit reports.

Being an experienced audit firm in U.A.E., we also help you with reviewing your significant controls to help you identify room for improvements and ways to reduce risks and correct process failures. Our team also will work on improving the flexibility and efficiency of your business process enabling you to increase the value of the business.

External Audits

Partnering up with reputable licensed external auditing service providers in U.A.E. we offer you a comprehensive external auditing service helping you increase your company’s bottom line and company’s reputation in the market.

With years of experience in external auditing in U.A.E., Crevaty has provided auditing solutions for many companies across U.A.E. Thus, have extensive experience and knowledge in the industry to fully guide you throughout your audits. With the main focus to deliver you deep insights into your financials we’ll make sure you are in compliance with regulations. 

Why us?

  • End-to-end external and internal auditing solutions
  • Team of expert auditors
  • Personalized solutions with reputable auditing firms in UAE
  • Affordable price

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