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Finance Team

“We provide qualified and experienced team to look after your accounting & finance activities. Cash & bank records, accounts receivable, accounts payable, book keeping and any other connected service based on your needs”

Tax Experts

“It’s compulsory. We will be with you throughout the process. Our core is making your hassle in to simple tasks and help you to focus on business. We also add value through tax planing”


Analysis Team

“Even though all reports, present information there is a better way of doing it. We provide high quality objective reporting to measure the health of your businesses”


Business development team

“Our competitive fees would generate much more value to you, we are passionate to create value to your business. Creating value is our basic business principle”

Payroll Consultants

“Whether big or small in size, we have solutions for all your payroll needs, along with real-time access to your payroll data, accuracy and confidentiality on technology-based approach”

IT Team

“We are future-oriented, based on cloud solutions and work in digital environment. Our IT experts, will bring you amazing opportunities to grow your business with latterly at no cost. Scalability is our core to grow your business”

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“I strongly recommend Crevaty to all business owners and managers. They have good team to help us in many ways. Mainly they have good knowledge in local requirements when it comes to interaction with local authorities like RERA for our owners association services and FTA for tax matters. Also they have well experience with Xero accounting software which will help many accounting clients with up to date technology.  I know Sujeewa and team more than 10 years and wish them success for all business activities”

Mohammad Arif - Kingfield

“Crevaty helped us during the initial stage of VAT implementation at end of the year 2017. It was very smooth transition from our company to adopt tax environment for the first time. Crevaty team was with us during the implementation and ensure proper tax treatments to different types of transactions. Crevaty worked with our IT and finance team to comply with the requirements. After the transition, Crevaty team helped to submit our VAT returns and apply refunds on timely basis. They have competent team to manage tax matters and I strongly recommend Crevaty to companies to get involved them for VAT consultancy services”



Joseph Paily – Ram Metal Industries LLC

“I started interaction with Crevaty team for our company accounting and tax matters starting early in 2019. They have setup our company accounts with Xero and completed initial update including chart of account, invoices and recording back long transactions. They provide monthly management pack including income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and other important notes. Our company books are up to date and easy to understand the company results. Crevaty also helped me to get VAT registration and filed VAT returns on timely basis.  I recommend business owners to engaged with Crevaty to have hassle free services”



Philippe Tourbier - Ennesys FZ -LLC


Business Process Management (BPM) empowers an organization to accomplish organizational goals by ensuring that the business and its processes are in good health, compliant to pertinent laws and the business interests are safeguarded in all the required aspects.

BPM enables the organization to reduce human error and miscommunications and frees up the organizations human capital to focus on the core business and beyond. As such BPM serves as an infrastructure management, which maintains and optimizes an organization’s core operations and assets.

Business Processes are seen by BPM Systems as important assets of an organization that must be understood, managed, and developed to deliver added value to its customers. Thereby these processes impact the cost and revenue generation of an organization through their impacts on efficiency, effectiveness and their capability to change.

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  • Vision – To be the best professionals who provide their stake holders a trustworthy alliance that is efficient, spirited and caters to their needs.